Preparing To Launch

May 30, 2022

Preparing To Launch

There are so many things in life we have to prepare for. From birth to our current phase in life we have launched deep into the unknown. Your first day of school, your first kiss, your first heartbreak, first job etc. We all launched into it because there was really nothing else we could do.

So here I am launching a brand excited yet nervous. The nervousness comes from being transparent. Depending on the type of brand you are creating, I don’t believe you can fully reach your audience without being transparent. And my truth is at one point in my life I didn’t feel good about myself. I questioned my friendships, thoughts, and family. I never felt pretty, confident, or like I was enough. It seemed like everyone was happy but me.

This feeling went on for years. I prayed, cried, fasted, read books… you name it I tried it. Then I started learning about affirmations and the thoughts that we feed ourselves. The words we speak within ourselves that feeds our soul. Eventually I started believing in me and what I was and who’s I was. Reality is I was pretty, but some of my actions and thoughts showed something else. I wasn’t confident because I didn’t have any direction for myself. In order to gain confidence I had to be confident with the direction of my life by giving myself grace and guidance. And I was enough, for the right people. My tribe that I prayed for and was intentional to find thinks I’m more than enough.

Dare 2 Be Authentic was created for women like me. Those of us who need a pick me up and encouragement when it seems like no one else is able to give it. This labor of love is for the women who wake up each day not feeling their absolute best, but still have to put on a good front and face the day. The affirmations on the back of my shirts are there so you can look at anything with a reflection and be reminded of who you are and the power you hold.

The affirmations are short starter statements that you can add on to if you like. Or you can leave them as they are and recite them quickly while driving, waiting in line at Starbucks, or holding on a phone call. How you utilize these affirmations is totally up to you, but I would suggest you use them.

Learn to live in the fullness and greatness of who you are and who you were created to be. Life throws curveballs every day, but we can show up prepared having already spoken kind words to ourselves.