Dare 2 Manifest - Journal To Help Manifest Your Dream Life

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If you are looking for a journal that provides detailed instructions for setting intentions and creating affirmations, this is the perfect journal for you.  This 12 month journal will guide you to creating and living your dream life. Through monthly prompts, you will focus on areas of your life that need work by setting intentions, creating affirmations, and reflecting on your progress.  On the reflection pages, you will find an area to document what you've manifested because of your self work. In this journal you will also find 14 affirming statements that can be cut out and hung in your favorite locations at work, home, or in your car.  As a bonus, there are two pages dedicated to putting your vision in pictures with an On The Go Vision Board.  This is key because seeing the vision is just as important as writing it.  

Within the pages of this journal are detailed instructions, reflection, accountability, affirmations, gratitude, self care suggestions, and an area to remind yourself of all the things you love about yourself.  Each prompt in this journal was created to help you reach your full potential by planning your goals in achievable steps and monitoring your progress. The journal itself was thoughtfully created with love to give you all the tools needed to manifest your best life.

Although this is written in 12 month format, feel free to go at your own pace.  Dates were purposely left out so you won't feel obligated to rush through the process.